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Central Park, 1900


This is from a picture I found of Central Park over 100 years ago. Look at the size of those trees!  Looks like they were much bigger then. Must hve been great strolling through it at that time.

History of Central Park:

In 1853, the City of New York used the power of eminent domain to acquire 778 acres from 59th Street to 106th Street that would comprise Central Park. Ten years later, the park would extend to 110th Street. 1,600 people living on this land as renters or squatters were evicted along with a school and three churches.

The cost to build Central Park in the 1850s and 1860s was $13.9 million, greatly exceeding the original $1.5 million budget. Downing, its creator, gave birth to Central Park and landscape architecture in America. His partner, Calvert Vaux, teamed up with Frederick Law Olmsted to create and execute a concept for Central Park as a natural landscape, a greensward filled with millions of trees, over 800 acres of public open space in the heart of Manhattan. Their vision in the latter half of the 1800s influenced the development of parks across the country.

This is done on acid-free watercolor paper.

Sizes:  9" by 12", 11" by 15", and 12" by 16"

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