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Brooklyn Bridge in Summer

Brooklyn Bridge in Summer


Here's a peaceful scene I found of the bridge in Brooklyn, New York with people relaxing in front of it. A favorite haunt in the hot, humid summers in New York City. 

The Brooklyn Bridge opened on May 24th, 1883. At the time when constriction was finished, it was the longest bridge in the world with total length of 1825 meters. It stayed longest until 1903. Its cost was $15.5 million and 27 lives was lost during construction. On 30 May 1883, mere six days after the bridge was opened, a rumor spread that Brooklyn Bridge will collapse. That rumor cased stampede in which caused some twelve people to be trampled and killed. To remove rumors that the bridge is not stable (and to promote his circus at the same time), P. T. Barnum led 21 elephants across the bridge on May 17, 1884.

  The size is 11" by 15", done on acid-free watercolor paper.

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