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I always look forward to seeing new works of art from Lucille.
She puts so much life into her art. You feel like you're part of the picture and it's very uplifting for me.

Lucille is one of my favorite artists of all time. I'm so thrilled to have discovered her work. It's hard to describe what's special about it, because it seems just purely magical to me. It is so ALIVE, and it seems to me she paints from a very high level of being. I'm usually good at spotting just what it is about something that appeals to me. But in this case, the art is a mystery to me. How does she do it? I guess she's just a great artist, whatever that entails, because her art moves people and makes them feel wonderful. I think she probably loves her subject, which is mainly New York City, so much, that her work is imbued with love, which is, after all, divine!

Lucille Femine is super talented and I count myself lucky to have one of her watercolors hanging in our house.

Describing Lucille's work is like trying to describe a sunset. You have to immerse yourself, especially in the street scenes where romance walks you through her buildings and boulevards. The work is effortless as it unfolds and you perceive a universe of memories that it provokes. So what are you waiting for. Go look! Enjoy!

Lucille is an extraordinary water colorist. Her work is immediately recognizable. Like other great artists, she has her own unique style and it shines. Lucile gives you an intimate and emotional view of everyday people and life in the New York City area. LOVE her work! I believe she's available for literary illustration too.

 Geoff Greening ,July 8, 2016

I don’t pretend to know very much about painting or the techniques of the various media that Lucille uses, but I find the vibrancy of her work somehow fresh and uplifting. As an Aussie living on the other side of the world, and never having visited New York City, my images of the place were formed from film and television, and were perhaps the more sordid side of the city, but Lucille’s paintings have changed that. Her work has given me a much greater reality on the beauty and diversity of a city that is obviously very close to her heart, and some of the streets and places I had heard of but never seen. Good art can do that. It communicates, and Lucille’s paintings communicate so very well. Excellent work indeed.  

David Carus, author of "Artists Run This Planet" July 8, 2016

The most amazing thing about her art is that although based on reality, she transforms her subject into something more magical by finding the life in it.

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