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About Lucille Femine


Lucille Femine grew up in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. She found it was a great place during the summer, because she happened to be just a few blocks from the beach.

School was not a fond memory; she wasn’t able to really learn about life and how to live it, especially from nuns with little exposure to the excitement of the outside world. To get out of the mundane environment school forces upon us, she started drawing. At twelve, she knew she was an artist and nothing else. Once she was a little older, she discovered the impressionists and was hooked. She knew that would be her style.

She says: “I started with drawing lots of people. I'd make them sit and pose for me. I was very interested in mastering the body. I'd practice one part of the body for weeks, then another. Later, at fifteen, I discovered acrylic paint and the impressionists not long after that. "I get inspired by the world around me. I see every scene as a potential painting. I examine the composition, colors and especially the emotional content.

"There are some artists I study on Youtube that I greatly admire, mostly watercolorists and, though I don't copy their styles, I learn quite a bit about technique. When I feel I've lost my touch, I watch one of them and that brings me back to battery through pure admiration and a return of purpose.”

Lucille has also written and illustrated a children's book and three short stories as well as a novel about psychiatric abuse. She finds it satisfying to entertain while also adding a message into the mix.

Among her favorite paintings are "McDougal Street, Greenwich Village,” "Manhattan, Days End," "Enjoying the Fountain," and “Weekend in Hoboken." She was inspired to paint New York when she moved back to the city several years ago and fell in love with it all over again. Her paintings seem to portray the city as a happy place, which is what most viewers tell her.

However, she had left New York in 2009 and has since expanded her work into still life and most recently has moved to Clearwater, Fla where she will paint scenes there.

Lucille is very committed to painting and what it can do for people. She believes we can help salvage the planet with all of its problems through the exercise and dissemination of aesthetics and is always trying to merge her own enjoyment as an artist with this bigger goal.

Here is one of several reviews: "Describing Lucille's work is like trying to describe a sunset. You have to immerse yourself, especially in the street scenes where romance walks you through her buildings and boulevards. The work is effortless as it unfolds and you perceive a universe of memories that it provokes. So what are you waiting for? Go look! Enjoy!"  Larry Jaffe

Artist statement

My purpose, as a painter, is to put as much technical ability and communication into my work in order to lift myself and hopefully many others into a world where spirit lives and possibly rules the subject matter. In this way, my aim is to make people happier, brighter and filled with positive emotion that enhances their lives.

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