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Boulevard East, New Jersey

Boulevard East, New Jersey


This wide boulevard borders New Jersey and overlooks the Hudson River and across is New York City. It’s such a fantastic view of the city that I took the shot as I was riding a bus and, thankfully, there was a long wait at a corner. It’s a wonderful place to stroll with great views of the huge houses.


Boulevard East is so named in reference to the other major boulevard in Hudson County to which it is connected, Kennedy Boulevard. Prior to being renamed in honor of John F. Kennedy in the 1960s, the street was known as Hudson Boulevard.[3] While there was discussion of building a county long road as early as the 1870s,[4] parts of Hudson County Boulevard were officially opened in 1896.[5][6][7] By 1913 it was completed, and considered to be fine for "motoring".[8] Taken as a single road, the circuitous route of west and east sections of the entire boulevard runs from the southern tip of the county at Bergen Point to its northern border with Bergen County and south again to the Hoboken city line.[9] In local nomenclature, signage, addresses, transportation, and postal delivery, the name Boulevard East is used.


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