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Interview with Kathy Diane Poitras

Kathy and I knew each other many years ago in New York City and lost touch. But, leave it to Facebook to bring people together again and now we are fast becoming awfully good friends.

She has been a great help to me as an artist, always supportive and offering great tips on selling art, especially right here on Shopify.

Equally, she is a fabulous artist. I very much enjoy her whimsical, colorful and fanciful paintings with such carefully thought-out design and yet, they still remain light and playful. 

She surely  has her own unique style that she creates from her own perspective and imagination and I would recognize it anywhere. In fact, I bought one and I love seeing it on my wall every day. It's called, "After the Storm". Here it is: 


And how would you like to have this one on your couch? I don't have a couch, having sacrificed it for my studio but if I had one, this pillow would be beautifying it :)

My Interview:

When did you start painting and what motivated you?

I started painting in the mid 80’s. I had the desire to paint for many years, but my life was too busy. After some spiritual counseling, I realized I could fit it in. I had so much I wanted to communicate. I really started because I felt driven to do it. It was, and still is, a v-e-r-y strong urge.

What medium do you use mostly and why did you choose that?

Acrylic ink is my favorite medium. It has a water color feel with more vibrancy. I find it to be very versatile. I can use it on paper or canvas. Usually I will mix it with either watercolor, or acrylic paint. What do you want to communicate with your paintings? I find with each painting I am expressing my love. It’s the only activity I can think of where I feel like I am loving other people while I am doing it. I think each one is it’s own communication separately. I always have a concept I want to express for each painting.

For instance, my painting “The Arrival” She is a Goddess of the arrival of seasons. Nature is so extraordinary and powerful, and beautiful! I tried to tap into that when painting this picture.

Who are your favorite artists and what do you enjoy about them?

Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt Emily Carr, Pamela Holl Hunt, Lucille Femine Van Gogh is so emotional. I could look at his pieces for hours and be transported into this world he painted.

Gustav Klimt was so far ahead of his time! I look at his work and can hardly believe it was painted in the early 1900’s!! What a visionary. I love his use of circles and shapes.

Emily Carr was true to her art, and captured the spiritual essence and majesty of trees. I feel that when I look at them.

Pamela Holl Hunts paintings take my breath away. Though they are abstract paintings, they resonate with me so much, and I am in awe that she can do that in an abstract painting. Seeing them live is an experience. I feel joy from them.

I am in love with the work of Lucille Femine.. Her work has an intimate quality that transports me to places I love. I can hear the bustle of the traffic and feel the sunshine. Wonderful!!

How do you mostly promote your work?

I mostly promote on the internet from my website and at the local market. I offer paintings, high quality prints and greeting cards of my work. I invite people to meet me in local coffee shops so they can see the actual art.

What are your plans for the future in regards to your work? To paint as much as possible and take my work on a tour next summer. Jack and I are planning to book art shows in the various towns in the interior of British Columbia, and to bring our exhibiting tent to those towns and set up our exhibit. I want to bring my art to people all over BC. While we are there, we are hoping to find some fledgling artists and help encourage them to follow their heart.

See her work here!


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