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Interview with David Carus



I have known David for about three years and I've come to see him as one of the most important champions of art and artists that exists today.

I read his book, "Super Artist", and found it to be an inspirational little gem containing some very important basics of how to be successful as an artist.

His honesty, compassion and commitment to filling this planet with art and making everyone an artist is one of the greatest contributions to world peace I can imagine. And I believe he is doing it!

Visit his site - and find out all about this remarkable person. He also granted me an interview which I present here:

When did you start becoming an artist and what mediums did you work in?

 I was an artist from a very young age. Before Kindergarten I was always drawing and coloring. As I grew older I focused on pencil and ink drawings of mostly superheroes or artists I admired. I started to write in college and then started recording music after college and a couple years later picked oil painting. But I’ve been a renaissance man my whole life, always interested in all fields of creativity.

 Tell us about the products you have produced and how they are doing?

 I have a lot of products. I’ve published 5 books, 8 albums, 2 films, countless blogs, videos and speeches. My biggest product so far is my company Art Planet which creates products that empower and inspire people to create.

 What motivates you to help artists as much as you do?

 The world doesn’t progress or get better without artists so making sure artists are in abundance and thriving is my top priority.

 How can artists best succeed in their field?

 By ignoring all of the barriers and criticisms and staying true to their goals and being themselves as much as possible. Their voice is important and needs to be encouraged and heard above all the other noise out there.

 Tell me what you envision when you consider that art runs this planet?

 Artists Run This Planet because without people uplifting mankind through inspiration and beauty and pure creativeness you’d have life without any real significant meaning. Art shows man that he is greater and pushes him to be better.

 How does art fit in with the current world situation?

 Politics, war, violence, racism, poverty, etc. are the opposite of art and any time spent on it is a waste of time that could be better spent creating a better world. Art is the only thing stopping the world from collapsing so it’s important that it is supported more heavily.

 What projects are you working on?

 I’m working on a new coloring book with the artist Ros Reece titled Daring Dreamscapes, a clothing line of artist inspired t-shirts, a new book to help artists make immediate money with their art, and an amazing app that will help artists everywhere in the world.

 What are your plans for the future?

 I want to make every human being on Earth an artist.

 Is there anything else you would like to say?

 Artists Run This Planet :-)


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  • Kathy Poitras on

    completely wonderful and well written interview with a fantastic and inspirational artist! Thank you so much Lucille. I am quite inspired by this.

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