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The Art of Being a Failed Artist

Originally published in The Liberty Beacon, a powerful online news site.    When I was twelve, I knew I was a painter, same as I knew I was a girl. Actually, I knew it better than that because what you know as a being, inside where it counts, is truth at its highest level. You might say it’s all the truth there is, despite the apparency of land, sky, houses, trees and the IRS. However, in the physical universe (your competition), things have a way of taking your basic purpose and banging it around, along with you, till it turns into...

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Interview with Kathy Diane Poitras

Kathy and I knew each other many years ago in New York City and lost touch. But, leave it to Facebook to bring people together again and now we are fast becoming awfully good friends. She has been a great help to me as an artist, always supportive and offering great tips on selling art, especially right here on Shopify. Equally, she is a fabulous artist. I very much enjoy her whimsical, colorful and fanciful paintings with such carefully thought-out design and yet, they still remain light and playful.  She surely  has her own unique style that she creates from...

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Interview with artist Anne Fewell

One amazing thing about the internet is how you can make such good friends without ever meeting them in person. That's the way it is for Anne. She has become a very dear friend, not only because she is a fellow artist but she is so caring and giving and very appreciative of other artists. I love her work. She is a gifted painter and sculptor. I'm always amazed at how she can bring out the real person in her work and with great emotion and technical ability. Here is my interview with her: When did you start painting and...

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Interview with David Carus

    I have known David for about three years and I've come to see him as one of the most important champions of art and artists that exists today. I read his book, "Super Artist", and found it to be an inspirational little gem containing some very important basics of how to be successful as an artist. His honesty, compassion and commitment to filling this planet with art and making everyone an artist is one of the greatest contributions to world peace I can imagine. And I believe he is doing it! Visit his site - and find out all...

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Materials I use

I thought I would write my first blog here on the basics of how I get away cheap on materials. Maybe you other artists will find this useful. A few months ago, I got very inspired to paint large paintings - 30" by 40" and such. But canvases, especially "gallery-wrapped" ones which don't need a frame are unbelievably expensive, at least for me. I just priced a 30" by 40" canvas at $45.81!  On sale! So I discovered masonite. I buy a 4' by 8' piece of it  at Lowe's and have someone cut it to the sizes I want. Then...

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